Bella Palazzo
ArizonaThe Boulder House

Size: 3400
Style: Southwest
No of Bed/Bath: 2
Sleeps: 4
Location: North Scottsdale, AZ

Amenities: Absolute privacy/native desert/On National Register of Historic Places

This amazing property actually holds a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. More correctly referred to as "The Empie Petroglyph Site" this is the home that Bill and Sunny Empie built into a cluster of giant rocks in around 1980. The boulders on this property are 1.45 billion years old, and have played host to many nomadic Native American tribes throughout the centuries. Each of the traveling bands have left their mark on the rock outcroppings in the way of graphic Petroglyphs.

The Empies purchased the property in 1974, and then employed the talents of Santa Fe architect Chuck Johnson to create a home that actually absorbed the rocks themselves. Inside, the walls are the ancient stones, and the petroglyphs can be found outdoors in niches. The passages that existed within the rock cluster remain as they were, and now are used as hallways.

Perfect for spousal tours or for small groups of 60 or less inside, and also available as an executive retreat option. Your guests won't stop talking about this one!

Letter from a bride....


My husband and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for allowing us the very special opportunity of being married on the magnificent property of The Boulder House.

We spent the weekend in the house – hosted a small rehearsal dinner on Friday night and had our actual ceremony in the house on Saturday evening. The entire weekend was so special – and I have no doubt that the location set that tone.

Our guests, most from out of town, so appreciated the beauty of the desert, the amazing house, and the incredible history of the boulders and what happened there. It made for a most memorable experience, exactly what we hoped our wedding would be.

Will and I also enjoyed spending time outside walking and exploring the grounds. You can truly feel the spirit and the energy in the air. It will certainly be a place that we hope to return to throughout our lives together.

Margie Van Zee did an amazing job sharing with us all the special details of the space and was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with.

So, thank you for keeping this spot so sacred and for making it available for the rest of us to enjoy. We will forever have The Boulder House in our thoughts and in our hearts.

All the very best,

Aimee and William Lange